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Carmen and one of her hobbies, upholstery

Who am I?

Living a soulful life

I feel like I've lived many lives already. I've travelled the world, sailed high seas on the Clipper around the World Yacht Race, walked half of the Camino, to Everest Base Camp, explored favela's and paddy fields. I've played National League hockey, cycled across Vietnam and Italy, played golf at St. Andrews. 


In my last year of my 4th decade my draw has been back to creativity with upholstery, dancing and singing and less about climbing the next mountain. 


Professionally I’ve presented advertising campaigns in Boardrooms, pitched ideas to some of the best creative minds, led teams to awards, built a business from scratch, changed careers and industries. Worked for big banks (Barclays, Lloyds) and retailers (Musto, Jack Wills) and SportsAid. My roles have been mostly in leading marketing and communication teams, but also project management, delivering multi-million pound schemes, and driving customer sales. Ask me, and I’d find a way. (Normal CV is over on LinkedIn)

I've a fabulous and loving family who bring joy, love and teach me every day. I’ve finally learnt to love deeply having met my dream partner on the dance floor, and continue to walk the path less travelled with him. 

And now it's time to share, to collaborate, to stand up in society for greatness and be the change I want to see in the world.


My offerings here start with Walking Therapy, a modality I started in 2018 which brings psychotherapy into nature. I also teach this as a course to other therapists or coaches who are looking to work in a new way.  This expands out into the coaching field, as I find that many drawn to me hold senior roles and are looking to understand their choices in life, and decide what's next for themselves. Saying that, I work with consultants, barista's, mums, business owners, sports professionals and anyone wanting to make changes. 


Given my life experiences I love to share what I’ve learnt along the way, either through workshops, talks or consultancy. This can be from Marketing Communications to Wellbeing Consultancy looking at how we manage teams or businesses and how psychotherapy bridges worlds with life and business. 


As Co-Creators of Soulhub, Andrew Cuerden and I offer a wide and diverse range of services across Wellbeing. We have over 20 practitioners from coaches to medical herbalists and create programmes, content and individual solutions for today’s growing health and wellbeing problems. 


If you want to come along on that journey, I'd love to walk with you. Simply, if you’re looking to change things for you or your business then let’s talk. 

If you'd like to listen in to a conversation with one of the Soulhub Team Carey Davis-Munro, then you can get a flavour of who I am and why I founded Soulhub here. 

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