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What clients say...

Colin Priestley-Wall

"When it comes to 'whole person health' and everything that surrounds it I have always found Carmen and Andrew and the community at Soulhub refreshing and relevant, they listen. They also bring an open and authentic approach which can spotlight in on the challenges of the daily world of work.

Whether you are looking for some expertise with individual support or with broader team or business focus in this space then please get in contact with them. they will ask the right questions and provide a nudge or direction that can perhaps shift your thinking and create a deeper more effective message.

On a personal level I would feel the trust, the space and the quietness that they create both powerful and thought provoking. Give yourself a conversation opportunity and get in touch with either of them. It could create exactly what you may be looking for. Go well and move forward all."

Colin Priestley-Wall (Feb 2023)

“Being in nature was also an amazing and powerful part of the process for me. The fresh air, space and abundance of nature helped me to think clearly and express myself as openly as I could. 

Carmen made me feel that I could talk freely and openly without judgment. She really helped me get back on track when I was feeling really low.

By walking and talking, she allows you the space to let your thoughts just flow and guides you to make sense of them all. You come away from each meeting feeling more unraveled and positive.”

Client 1

Client 2

“I was reluctant to embark on a journey of therapy but somehow Carmen made it an easy decision.


Carmen’s approach made me feel so at ease that I decided to see if talking some things through could help me. I knew there was something that was causing me to feel stuck and I wanted to move beyond it. I quickly trusted Carmen and I found myself talking about life experiences that I hadn’t shared with many people.


I made a determination to set aside some precious time each week to focus on myself and Carmen helped to guide me to find the words, questions and explanations I was seeking.”

Client 3 (Oct 2023)

 "I really enjoyed working with Carmen. Our conversations helped me understand what I was going through and challenge myself to confront those issues. I felt safe to disclose anything that was hurting me and Carmen really helped me work through any pain I was feeling. "

Client 4 (Nov 2023)

"I was experiencing a very difficult and challenging time in both my professional and personal life when a friend recommended that I seek therapy. I was very hesitant as I felt I can fix all my problems myself but also the stigma involved with seeing a therapist – particularly as a man. I made some enquiries and a close friend recommended I meet Carmen. From the very first session I was convinced. She has a very calm, reflective manner that puts you at ease and allows you to open up while still making sure you are kept accountable by challenging and probing in a safe, caring environment. I worked with Carmen for approximately two years and learnt so much about myself and why I act or feel the way I do. I also have a very demanding job and although we had a regular slot in the diary every week she was always very flexible, whether that was an in person walk around Richmond Park or online via video call. I have subsequently recommended her to three other friends / work colleagues who have also gained a lot of value from working with her.

One of Carmen’s biggest strengths was being able to listen and adapt to whatever was on my mind on the day of our sessions. Sometimes it would be about my family, or my relationships, or a specific event, or my professional life; she was able to understand, adapt, and help guide across the full spectrum of areas in my life. Now and again she would make me do an activity or read me a quote which was completely left field but still relevant and not only provided insight but kept the sessions interesting.


Carmen made a very big difference in my life over these two years and made me completely rethink the value of therapy. She showed deep empathy, care and was someone I could trust. I am very thankful for having her in my life and will always be grateful."

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