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Richmond, a place for Carmen's walking therapy

Walking (& online) therapy

1-2-1 walking in nature

I’m an integrative trained therapist with a Level 5 diploma (BaCP), with over seven years solely in private practice, three years within an addiction centre.


Having trained at the School of Wizards, an experiential psychotherapeutic course, I'm now a walking therapist / therapeutic coach for individuals and businesses. 

I believe that as unique as we all are, we are also similar. Humans, as a species have a limited amount of emotions, but the complexity of how they are seeded in our bodies, how they are expressed, and how we deal or don’t deal with them depends on many variations. As a walking therapist for individuals and businesses, my belief is that our environment, our upbringing, even our past life existence, how we are perceived in the world, and how we perceive the world impacts who we are. Everything has a role to play in our evolution.

Therapy or coaching with me is all about working together. To help you through difficult times, or key moments in life, giving you new perspectives, and unblocking what is stopping you to live the life you want to.


Integrative therapy means I have trained using many methodologies, primarily psychodynamic and person-centred (eg. Freud, Carl Jung) and I've continued to evolve my training through courses, life itself, spiritual practices. 

My work is just not purely therapy. Often people come to me to help them move through a stage in their life. Maybe changing jobs, leaving relationships, stepping up in a career. We can work through life decisions, priorities and of course look at the big questions. Who am I? Why am I here? Those are the questions I LOVE.


Over the past seven years I have worked primarily with adults. However I am happy to work with young adults too. My experience is rounded, and specifically I have worked with depression, addiction, anxiety, trauma, abuse (emotional and physical), suicide ideation, grief, loss, eating disorders, post-natal depression, relationship breakdown, divorce and panic attacks.

I live in Richmond, so can work with clients locally, or those happy to travel, but I can also travel for 2 day (deep dive), workshops, and work online too. If possible, I'd love to walk in nature with you. To connect to something bigger than us. To allow the world to guide us. If walking isn’t an option, online can enable a space for new creation and freedom of expression too.

That’s why I do what I do. I love to help others unravel their patterns and behaviours. To explore themselves with a curious eye to ultimately find freedom in their minds and bodies. I do this in many ways, but mostly by being with you, and enabling you to go through your unique process to self understanding. It can be painful, it can be joyful. But ultimately it’s a path worth taking more than any other in this world right now. It’s a gift to yourself.

The exploration is supported through my education, but also life experience which has been influenced strongly by some of the best mentors in the world, and my own fascination with the human psyche.


As Founder of Soulhub, my vision is to help others understand themselves better, because from this place, the world will already be a better world.

Working with me 1-2-1

An introductory chemistry call with me, to assess what you are looking to achieve in your therapeutic journey, and give you the chance to understand if I'm the right person for you.

Prices start from £100 (£60 for Chemistry session). To book, simply email me on the link below.  To make a payment for your Chemistry session click here.

And if you want to read more about the benefits of walking in nature - visit my Soulhub article here.

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