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This is me: Carmen Rendell

Walking (& Online) Therapist, Therapeutic Coach, Speaker, Founder of Soulhub

Why work with me?

A walker of the road less travelled.


It's taken me a few decades to know and celebrate my style, my essence and my way. My path has taken me to see much of the world, I've had 20 years in large businesses, been married, dabbled at most sports and arts, and cultivated true love. I've lived a full life. And...I'm only half way.


I'm not your usual therapist. I'm not your usual business owner. 

I'm a community space holder, a truth seeker.


I love to get under the bonnet and get to the real stuff. Talk raw truths. To stop the pretence and help you or your business say and see it how it really is. Only from this place can you truly create the life or business that you want.


The world needs healing. We need healing. We're moving beyond lies, corruption, and human wounds leading business and personal decisions. 


After 20 years in businesses such as Barclays and Jack Wills, I retrained as a therapist and set up a wellbeing business and community called Soulhub. Now it's time to do life differently. 


To be ourselves. To heal the shadow and bring it into the light. It's time to collaborate, to be kind, be real and to see things for what they are. To set us free from beliefs and limitations and move to a place of empowerment. To find peace in the acceptance of all that is, and to find our way back to balance, where we can rekindle the joy of life.


If you're personally struggling with a decision or life. That can be anything from childhood trauma, to not feeling yourself, or at a key point where you're transitioning from one thing to another. However big or small it might seem, but you know you want things to be different, then let's talk.


If your team or business are lost, fragmented, lack joy then I'd love to explore this with you. 


If you'd like to partner with me at your hotel, retreat or workshop, I'd love that.

If you don't even know why, but my site calls to you, then please do drop me an email.


Follow your intuition.

Feel free to check out the main ways you can work with me below, you can book a session today on my 'Book or contact me' page, find out what clients and brands have to say about working with me, and what events I have coming up. All that and more accessible via the tabs along the top.


Walking (& Online) Therapy

1-2-1 walking in nature

As an Integrative Therapist, most of my practice is outside in nature, although I also hold zoom sessions depending on where you are in the world.  I have clients in the US, Spain and even St Barts.


The question I often ask, is...


Are you ready to explore who you are?

If yes, and you'd like to know more about working with me, then head over to my 'Walking (& Online) Therapy' page to find out more about how I work and who I work with. 

Psychological Coaching

What do you want from life?

I love this question. It gives us the opportunity to really tune-into what we want from our lives.


When we're looking for support in life, it can be for many things - change in jobs, relationship status, move to leadership roles but sometimes we hit a point where we're unmotivated or stuck.


Having changed careers from corporations to therapy and then the wellbeing sector I understand what it takes to move between roles, jobs and industries.

My personal life has taken me on a path of moving between countries, marriage and divorce and finally creating a beautiful healthy relationship. I love to support those moving through crisis, opportunities, changes in personal and professional status and those wanting to start again or reinvent themselves. 

We go underneath the change or situation to find out who you are, why you've taken the decisions in life to this point, and what you REALLY want from life and at a soul level.


Speaker / Workshops

Talks on adventure to therapy to conscious leadership

My colourful and adventurous life has taken me all around the world, in boardrooms and therapy rooms. 


For starters I love talking about:

  • Sharing my perspectives on how Psychotherapy can teach us how to be better humans in the work place.

  • My adventures from sailing around the world to walking to Everest.

  • How walking therapy benefits us all. 

  • Using the core principles of life - Integrity, Honesty, Self-Expression, Knowing thy Self, Self-Love, Kindness and Compassion. 

  • Giving teams, businesses different perspectives on how to work more effectively together, how to lead powerful teams, how to be our best selves. 

  • Changing careers, setting up a business, being a Female Founder.

  • Creating and holding space for people to be their best selves.

Walk-In, Dance-Out

Combined therapies with Andrew Cuerden

As mind, body and spirited beings, we are best understood when we work with all elements. 

Together with Dance & Holistic Facilitator Andrew Cuerden we combine walking and dancing therapy to offer a beautiful unique experience for you to discover more about who you are and how you're showing up in the world. 

Sessions can be half or full day, but we also offer a weekend retreat to provide a full experience of self understanding and self expression.

If you'd like us to host a retreat, workshop for you, or find out about our next 'Walk In, Dance Out' retreat, just get in touch.


Bridging Worlds

Wellbeing services

Our biggest passion has been the creation of an authentic community. One that walks its talk, and fully aligns to strong human values. 


Soulhub is co-created by Andrew Cuerden and I. It's a wellbeing community and platform helping bridging worlds for you to help understand yourself better. It's perfectly relevant for now. For those of us who see how the world needs truth, alignment, self-expression, community and collaboration for the species to heal and thrive.

We have over 25 wellbeing practitioners, wellbeing packages, the Soulhubber's Podcast, content, talks and anything you or your business, and community needs to support your culture and wellbeing.

We've worked with Unilever, HSBC, Deckers Brands, St Mary's University, ebay, Charlotte Tilbury and have partnerships with the Feel Good Hub, London Nootropics and BeRichmond. 

Here's a beautiful film from our Team at The Big Retreat Festival last summer. 

We work with open-hearted organisations and communities who want to change how things are done. Come talk with us.

Group Soulwalks

Corporate or community Soulwalks

Together with Andrew Cuerden we host and organise 'Like-minded, open-hearted walks in nature to nourish your soul'. 

We can come to you, or you can join one of our community Soulwalks in London or around the country.

We run our own bespoke Soulwalk Leaders Course to create Soulwalks for businesses, communities, organisations and charities.


To get a sense of a Soulwalk, here's a film created by Bertie Harriman-Smith. 

Carmen Coffee.JPG

Soulwalking to Inner Peace

Online course

If you're not ready for therapy or coaching, or want to go at your own pace, then over 7 days or more, you can opt in to be guided or unguided on my Soulwalking to Inner Peace course. 

I'm very proud of this creation, which enables you to understand more about who you are and what you want from life. 

It can be as light or as profound as you make it. 

Each day you have a task to work through, with guidance and commentary from me looking at subjects from intention to allowing flow and surrender, to awareness and acceptance.


Prices from £45  


If not now, when?


Contact Carmen

Thanks for connecting!

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