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If you'd like to book a private Chemistry session with me, so we can both get a sense of each other before we make any further commitments, you can book directly into my calendar here. The one-off charge for the Chemistry session is £70. An invoice will be sent to you once we have a date in the diary, and I ask for payment before our session. 

To discuss a speaking engagement or wellbeing consultancy please email me at 

Private Sessions

Hopefully you've had a look through the website and have a flavour of how I work. In terms of private sessions, I work with clients in a number of ways depending on their needs. I've worked with clients for 6 sessions over 6 weeks, or 12 sessions over a year. Some clients have been with me for 4 years, others for 6 weeks. It very much depends on what you present with, your available funding, your priorities in life, and what you want from our time together. 

The chemistry session is £70 for 45mins, and on-going I charge from £100 per session to £400 per half day. Concessions are open for discussion. 

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